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Grabower Topkuss Minis Caribic 18-Pack

Short description:

Mini foam kisses made from white and cocoa-based fat glaze, sprinkled with grated coconut. his product has a short Best-Before-Date (BBD). Please order at your own discretion. For more information, please read full product description.

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In 1835 the Grabower company was founded in the city of Grabow by Johann Bollhagen as a bakery that produced pretzels, waffles and gingerbread nuts. Through several modernizations, the company became the market leader in Germany in the foam kisses segmet. Since 2010, Grabower Süsswaren GmbH has taken over and continued by the Continental Bakeries group.

Grabower kisses provide an unforgettable taste experience and simply belong to any household. These Grabower Topkuss minis are a must for all lovers of coconut by providing a typical Carribean flair – they consist of a white and cocoa-based fat glaze that completely covers a very light and fluffy marshmallow cream filling, that is generously sprinkled by grated coconut. Best suitable for sharing with family or friends but also as souvenir for the next big birthday party. Simply the best party fun for young and old. A gentle kiss and an irresistible pleasure almost no one can resist.

18 mini foam kisses are included the freshness box. This product has a short Best-Before-Date (BBD). Please order at your own discretion.

Please note: This item is extremely heat sensitive, fragile and difficult to send. The chocolate coating may crack and crumble at higher altitudes and without the proper air pressure in the airplane cargo hold. We will conscientiously pack this product, but can not guarantee that it will arrive without major damage. Please order at your own discretion. We do not offer refunds on damaged merchandise. Thank your for understanding.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

150g / 5.29 oz NET. WT.


Deviations between the product information as well as their illustrations are possible. The product information on our website refers to the currently valid product on the market and the information provided is being updated regularly. However the ingredients or the recipe may be changed by the manufacturer at any time and without prior notice. During a transition period it is therefore possible, that customers receive both, the previously valid as well as the recently updated product in the same shipment. Always observe the product packaging for the most accurate description of the content which includes but is not limited to the formulation as well as the updated list of ingredients. This precautionary step can help prevent possible adverse reactions. Please note that GermanShop24 does not accept returns of grocery products and health-/personal care items.

41% white fat glaze (sugar, vegetable fat (palm), SWEET WHEY POWDER, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, emulsifier (lecithins), natural flavor), glucose-fructose syrup, grated coconut (15%), 13% cocoa fat glaze (sugar, vegetable fat (palm), SWEET WHEY POWDER, 6% low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (lecithins), natural flavor, salt), water, humectant (sorbitol), dried HEN'S EGG WHITE*, natural flavor, salt. *From barn eggs.

May contain traces of wheat gluten, soy and tree nuts.
Weiße Fettglasur 41% (Zucker, pflanzliches Fett (Palm), SÜßMOLKENPULVER, MAGERMILCHPULVER, Emulgator: Lecithine; natürliches Aroma), Glukose-Fruktose-Sirup, Kokosraspel (15%), kakaohaltige Fettglasur 13% (Zucker, pflanzliches Fett (Palm), SÜßMOLKENPULVER, mageres Kakaopulver 6%, Emulgator: Lecithine; natürliches Aroma, Speisesalz), Wasser, Feuchthaltemittel: Sorbit; HÜHNEREI-TROCKENEIWEIß*, natürliches Aroma, Speisesalz. *Eier aus Bodenhaltung.

Kann Spuren von Weizen, Soja und Schalenfrüchten enthalten.


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