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Storck Merci Finest Selection Assorted Milk Chocolates, 8.82 oz

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Storck Merci Finest Selection Assorted Milk Chocolates, 8.82 oz
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Merci: A word goes around the world.

In 1965, born in Germany, the idea of Merci found their way directly into the hearts of the people - finally it was the first gift to say very special thank you: in the form of bars, individually wrapped in gold and a fine selection of the most popular chocolate variations.

Finest Selection assorted milk chocolates includes:

  • hazelnut cream
  • milk chocolate
  • hazelnut-almond
  • praline cream

20 individually wrapped chocolate bars are in the package.

Please note: Store cool and dry, keep away from heat!

8.82 oz / 250g package

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Depending on varieties: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, hazelnuts, vegetable fat, cream powder, butter milk powder, lactose, almonds, dextrose, whey product, concentrated butter, skim milk powder, emulsifier soy lecithin, low fat cocoa, flavor, salt. Milk chocolate filled with fine nougat, cocoa: 32% minimum. Fine milk chocolate, cocoa: 36% minimum. Milk chocolate with hazelnut and almond pieces, cocoa: 32% minimum. Milk chocolate filled with praline cream, cocoa: 32% minimum.

All varieties may contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts and other nuts.
Je nach Sorte: Zucker, Kakaobutter, Vollmilchpulver, Kakaomasse, Haselnüsse, pflanzliches Fett, Sahnepulver, Buttermilchpulver, Milchzucker, Mandeln, Dextrose, Molkenerzeugnis, Butterreinfett, Magermilchpulver, Emulgator Sojalecithin, magerer Kakao, Aroma, Salz. Edel-Nougat gefüllte Vollmilchschokolade; Kakao: 32% mindestens im Kakaoanteil. Edel-Rahmschokolade; Kakao: 36% mindestens. Vollmilchschokolade mit Nuss- und Mandelstückchen; Kakao: 32% mindestens im Schokoladenanteil. Gefüllte Vollmilchschokolade mit Praliné-Creme; Kakao: 32% mindestens im Schokoladenanteil.

Alle Sorten können Spuren von Haselnüssen, Mandeln, Erdnüssen und anderen Nüssen enthalten.
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