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Schogetten Caramel Brownie

Short description:
Filled milk chocolate with brownie cream filling with pieces of cocoa biscuit and caramel.
Price in points: 58 points
In stock

Unbelievably tasty and absolutely trendy is the new variety of the year from Schogetten: Caramel Brownie. The existing combination of silky smooth Alpine milk chocolate, delicious brownie filling and crunchy caramel bits.

Protect from heat and humidity!

3.53 oz NET. WT.

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Sugar, cocoa butter, palm fat, CREAM POWDER, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, SWEET WHEY POWDER, caramel pieces (1.1%) (sugar, cocoa butter, palm fat, glucose syrup, WHOLE MILK POWDER, BUTTER, ALMONDS, LACTOSE, salt, natural flavor, natural Bourbon vanilla flavor, emulsifiers [SOY LECITHINS, sunflower lecithins]), fat-reduced cocoa powder (1.0%), coconut oil, WHEAT FLOUR, BUTTERFAT, emulsifier (SOY LECITHINS), natural flavor, natural Bourbon vanilla flavor, WHEAT STARCH, sea salt, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate). Milk chocolate, Cocoa: at least 30%.

May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and egg.
Zucker, Kakaobutter, Palmfett, SAHNEPULVER, VOLLMILCHPULVER, Kakaomasse, SÜSSMOLKENPULVER, Karamellstückchen (1.1%) (Zucker, Kakaobutter, Palmfett, Glukosesirup, VOLLMILCHPULVER, BUTTER, MANDELN, MILCHZUCKER, Salz, natürliches Aroma, natürliches Bourbon Vanillearoma, Emulgatoren (SOJALECITHINE, Sonnenblumenlecithine)), stark entöltes Kakaopulver (1.0%), Kokosfett, WEIZENMEHL, BUTTERREINFETT, Emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), natürliches Aroma, natürliches Bourbon Vanillearoma, WEIZENSTÄRKE, Meersalz, Backtriebmittel (Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat). Alpenmilchschokolade, Kakao: 30% mindestens.

Kann Spuren von Erdnüssen, anderen Schalenfrüchten und Ei enthalten.


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