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APS Hot Pot Feuerzangenbowle 5-Piece Set

Short description:

5-piece fire tongs punch set consisting of a fire-proof, removeable glass bowl (holds approx. 1 gallon), chrome plated warmer with tea light, lid + ladle + fire tongs made of stainless steel and a sugar cone free of charge.

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German Feuerzangenbowle or literally translated as Fire Tongs Punch is an alcoholic beverage which is traditionally served for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. Feuerzangenbowle is a brew that is great fun for the whole family and friends to make as it involves placing a giant chunk of sugar (sugar cone) above the red wine, dousing it in rum and setting it on fire. The caramelizing sugar then very slowly drips into the punch. This punch already has cult status in Germany and if you are looking for something to kick things up a notch, you may find this drink a lot more interesting than Glühwein (spiced mulled wine). We offer a complete set to make your own and individual Feuerzangenbowle at home.

The set includes:

  • 1x fire-proof, removeable glass bowl (holds approx. 1 gallon)
  • 1x chrome plated warmer with tea light
  • 1x lid made of stainless steel
  • 1x ladle made of stainless steel
  • 1x fire tongs made of stainless steel
  • 1x FREE sugar cone

This fire tongs punch hot pot set is fantastic and very versatile. It can also be used year round for soups, sauces, punches and any other hot beverages.

Dimensions of the box: ø 9 inches; height: 10 inches
Dimensions of the fire tongs: 12 x 3 inches

NOTES: Extreme, necessary caution must be taken when handling alcohol and open flame, particularly with high alcohol content ingredients. Use long wooden matches or extended candle lighters to ignite the sugar, NOT SHORT MATCHES or cigarette lighters. Be very careful that nothing flammable like paper or cloth are around. Do not make this hot beverage in rooms with low hanging ceilings. And please do not try this without a fire extinguisher handy. Not a good idea to make it if there are rambunctious children or pets around. We disclaim any responsibility if you burn yourself or property out of gross negligence.

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