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Gingerbread Heart Large „Best Friends Forever“

Short description:

Large gingerbread heart with the phrase „Best Friends Forever“.

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Gingerbread hearts, or „Lebkuchenherzen“, are popular in German outdoor markets such as Christmas markets, Oktoberfest or state and county fairs. ©GermanShop24.comThey usually hang from ribbons and carry cute sayings in the center. Traditionally they are given to friends, sweethearts or family to express your feelings. These delectable cookies can be eaten or hung on a wall as a decorative element and will last for month if stored properly.

The gingerbread hearts are baked with lots of love and are decorated with a typical Bavarian or High German phrase. ©GermanShop24.comThe decorative edge of each heart as well the writing are done by hand and may slightly vary in color and appearance. Each gingerbread heart is a unique piece of art, shrink-wrapped in foil for freshness and adorned with a matching decorative ribbon. The gingerbread heart measures approximately H 8.3" x W 8.3"

At a glance:

  • Heart is made of German lebkuchen
  • Heart is handwritten with different Bavarian or High German phrases
  • Shape, color and sugar decoration may vary
  • Shrink-wrapped in foil and with a matching decorative ribbon
  • Size: approx. H 8.3" x W 8.3"

Store in a cool and not too dry place.

200g / 7.05 oz NET. WT.


Deviations between the product information as well as their illustrations are possible. The product information on our website refers to the currently valid product on the market and the information provided is being updated regularly. However the ingredients or the recipe may be changed by the manufacturer at any time and without prior notice. ©GermanShop24.comDuring a transition period it is therefore possible, that customers receive both, the previously valid as well as the recently updated product in the same shipment. Always observe the product packaging for the most accurate description of the content which includes but is not limited to the formulation as well as the updated list of ingredients. This precautionary step can help prevent possible adverse reactions. Please note that GermanShop24 does not accept returns of grocery products (including baby food etc.) or health and personal care items.

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