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Kerner's Brown Sugar Bunny, Cola Flavor

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Kerner's sugar bunny figurines – a family tradition since 1930. Each brown – with cola flavored – sugar bunny figurine is approximately 4" inches tall. It is individually wrapped in cellophane and comes in various shapes.

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In the 18th century the industrialization made sugar more affordable for the average person and with it came a big variety of new confections and sweets including beautifully handcrafted sugar bunnies. The traditional red sugar bunnies symbolize the victory of life and love in the Easter season. The yellow sugar bunnies – also known as cream caramel bunnies – symbolize the bright morning sunlight after a dark Easter night.

The Heilbronn-Böckingen based baker, Emil Kerner, started making and selling the classic red confections in his café as early as 1930. When the bakery relocated to Öhringen in 1933 it was a given that Emil would continue to sell these traditional goodies at his new location as well. He even expanded the range with exciting new shapes and colors.

Following the tradition, the Kerner family still produces all of their sugar bunnies according to traditional family recipes, with the original antique cast molds and exclusively by hand. Since 2007 the Kerners have been traveling to German museums and Easter markets to demonstrate this old craft and to revive nostalgia.

Each brown/cola flavored sugar bunny figurine is approximately 4" inches tall. It is individually wrapped in cellophane and comes in various shapes.

Please Note: Due to logistical reasons, the shape of the brown sugar bunny can not be selected. If you order more than one item we will attempt to provide you with an assortment. Thank you for understanding.

Store dry and protect from heat.

15g / 0.53 oz NET. WT.


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