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Braufaesschen Home Brewing Kit for Dark Beer

Short description:

Simply brew your customized home brewed beer with the Braufaesschen beer brewing kit. An individual gift that always fits for every occasion. It contains neither alcohol nor additional flavoring aromas.

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With the Braufaesschen beer brewing kit, you can create customized home brewed beer to your taste. Each beer brewing kit contains all the necessary ingredients and equipment to immediately start brewing. It offers you an easy and safe introduction to the world of home brewing. With the brewing instructions and the pre-weighed brewing ingredients you can prepare your beer for fermentation within 10 minutes. After just one week your home brewed beer can be tapped fresh from the keg. Home brewing has never been easier. Time to invite some friends and enjoy your home brewed beer!

Characteristics of the dark beer:

The roasted, malty taste and the dark color are what make this beer an intense taste sensation. The oldest style of beer in the German region of Bavaria has been shown to be German Dark Beer. It is even believed that amphora filled with German Dark Beer were buried in a burial ground dating back to 800 BC in the Upper Franconia region. Making this beer style one of the oldest in the world. The taste of this beer harmonizes wonderfully with roasts and mildly tangy sorts of cheese. German Style Dark Beer is aromatic and only lightly bitter. The taste can range from hints of coffee to licorice flavors.

It is also better to drink this German Dark Beer slightly warmer – with an ideal drinking temperature of 48 – 54 °F (9 – 12 °C). In general, the beer has an alcohol content of 4.0-5.5%.

Beer Style: Dark Beer
Hop Intensity: Standard
Flavors: N/A

This beer brewing kit contains*:

  • 1 bottle of barley malt extract 650g
  • 1 bottle of flavoring preparation of hop extract 9 ml
  • 1 sachet dry beer yeast
  • 1 five liter keg as fermentation tank (empty)
  • 1 pressure control valve
  • 1 instruction manual (attached to this product description)
  • 3 coasters

*Details in regards to the European Food Information Regulation.

1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs NET. WT.


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Heat Sensitivity:

Beer Brewing Instructions (Instructions_Beer_Brewing.pdf, 612 Kb) [Download]


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