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Summer Comforter 155 x 220 cm

Brands: FEMA
Short description:

This summer comforter is made of 100% new goose down (400g) and the inlet sheet is made of 100% cotton based cambric fabric. All comforters are hand-made, hand-sewn and hand-filled. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Made in Germany.

Price in points: 10980 points
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This thinner down comforter will amaze you. The two inlet sheets are connected with quilted stitching to keep the down in place and to help wick away excess moisture and body heat for a good and comfortable sleep even in warmer nights.

The inlet sheet is made of 100% cotton based cambric fabric. Each inlet sheet is being hand-sewn and hand-filled at the manufacturing plant. The filling consists of 100% new goose down (400g) – guaranteed non live plucked.

  • standard size: 155 x 220 cm
  • hand-made, hand-sewn and hand-filled
  • allergy-friendly
  • made in Germany

Each individual comforter is made to order and will be labeled with your name and date of manufacture. Please allow for an additional 5 business days for this item to arrive at our warehouse.

The manufacturer offers a 25 years limited warranty on the down filling as well as a 5 year limited warranty on the inlet sheet.

Please note, that the image of the product might be slighty different to the original.