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Penaten Creme 150ml

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Penaten Creme 150ml
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Over 110 years ago baby care was revolutionized by the German pharmacist Max Riese. The success story begins with the invention of the iconic Penaten Creme in the blue tin in 1904. Penaten Creme was the first protective diaper rash cream, developed specially for sensitive baby skin.Penaten has developed into a well known and trusted brand that provides extraordinary care and creates ideal solutions for all the needs of babies sensitive skin.

  • The thick, rich formula stays in place, working to soothe pain and irritation caused by diaper rashes so baby can start to feel better faster.
  • Moisture barrier protects babies sensitive skin
  • Skin compatibility is dermatologically proven

150ml in a can - gross weight 210g


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Best cream ever for sores. No matter for diaper rash or other sores. This cream is for every age group. I highly recommend this product. Its a must-have for every family !

This has been around butt cream ever! Always got rid of diaper rash with 1 treatment! Great for elderly as well!
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