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Klosterfrau Melissengeist 475 ml

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Klosterfrau Melissengeist has been known for its healing properties and the wide range of applications for decades. The unique combination of 13 medicinal herbs in Klosterfrau Melissengeist can be applied internally or topically to aide the body and mind.

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Todays world is increasingly more stressful, hectic and fast pace. This can lead to increased stress on the cardio vascular system and and weaken the whole body. The unique combination of 13 medicinal herbs in Klosterfrau Melissengeist can be applied internally or topically to aide the body and mind. Due to its high alcohol content this natural remedy should be taken by individuals of 21 years or older. The daily dose for adults should not exceed 25 ml/day (see measuring cup). Always dilute with at least twice the amount of liquid (preferably water). In addition, this natural remedy should not be given in cases of liver disease nor to pregnant women or children.

Internally: To improve general health and to reinforce and strengthen the nerves as well as the heart circulation. To relieve inner restlessness and nervousness. To promote good sleep. For sensitivity and irritability caused by weather and climate change. To improve the overall state of well-being. To promote the gastrointestinal functionality particularly for people who are prone to gassiness. To improve overall well-being when symptoms of the common cold are being experienced.

Externally: To support the blood circulation of the skin when muscle soreness and muscle tension are being experienced.

Cautions! Klosterfrau Melissengeist is a traditional medicine that has been known for its healing properties and the wide range of applications for decades. It contains 79% alcohol by volume as well as cinnamon (cinnamon aldehyde). Carefully read the included leaflet to learn more about common risks and side effects. Immediately consult a pharmacist or physician if symptoms are persistent or if you are experiencing severe side effects other than the ones mentioned in the included leaflet. Klosterfrau Melissengeist can not and should never replace a healthcare professional. It is advisable to consult your primary care manager immediately to seek help if you have been experiencing long lasting health problems.

Storage! Do not use this product after the expiration date displayed on the bottle and discard remains immediately. The expiration date refers to the last day of the specified best by month. Product should be used within 1 year after the bottle has been opened.

475 ml / 16.1 fl.oz NET. WT.


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Composition - 100 ml liquid contains - active ingredients: distillate made from a mixture of up to: lemon balm leaves (536 mg), elecampane rhizomes (714 mg), angelica root (714 mg), ginger rhizomes (714 mg), cloves (285 mg), galangal rhizomes (285 mg), black peppercorns (71 mg), gentian root (714 mg), nutmeg seeds (71 mg), bitter orange peel (714 mg), cinnamon bark (321 mg), cinnamon blossom (36 mg), cardamom seeds (10 mg); distillant: ethanol 96% (V/V) and purified water.

Warning: Contains 79% alcohol by volume. Contains cinnamon (cinnamon aldehyde).
Zusammensetzung - 100 ml Flüssigkeit enthalten - Wirkstoffe: Destillat hergestellt aus einer Mischung von bis zu: 536 mg Melissenblätter, 714 mg Alantwurzelstock, 714 mg Angelikawurzel, 714 mg Ingwerwurzelstock, 285 mg Gewürznelken, 285 mg Galgantwurzelstock, 71 mg schwarze Pfefferfrüchte, 714 mg Enzianwurzel, 71 mg Muskatsamen, 714 mg Pomeranzenschalen, 321 mg Zimtrinde, 36 mg Zimtblüten, 10 mg Kardamomensamen; Destillationsmittel: Ethanol 96% (V/V) und gereinigtes Wasser.

Warnhinweis: Enthält 79 Vol.-% Alkohol. Enthält Zimt (Zimtaldehyd).