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Tempo Original Pocket Tissues 30-Pack

Short description:

Tempo classic paper hankies – four strong layers of extra soft and absorbent tissue. Package consists of 30 resealable packs each containing 10 individual tissues.

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Who doesn't know this scenario: The laundry is being shoved into the washing machine in a hurry and you completely forgot to remove all items from your pockets, including the wad of tissues. As if that's not enough – you now remember that your crush wrote his/her phone number on one of those tissues last night. Oh no! Lucky you for using Tempo pocket tissues. That does not just save the day but also your date. Thanks to new quality, Tempo is now even better and machine washer safe. No more fuzzies in the washer. Strong. Absorbent. Washable. Tempo.

  • 4-ply
  • machine washer safe
  • super strong, absorbent and uniquely soft
  • guaranteed not to rip or tear
  • fits in the clove compartment of your car, purses or pockets
  • dermatologically tested

Package consists of 30 resealable packs each containing 10 individual tissues.

900g / 1.98 lbs NET. WT.


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