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Josef's Artisan Hungarian Brand Mini Salami Bites

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Delicious handcrafted snack-sized salamis made with red wine, garlic, and a robust blend of old word spices. International Gold Medal Winner!

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Josef Brunner, owner and Master Sausage Maker, envisioned a meat snack made of hand-selected cuts of meat combined with the finest herbs and spices. He knew creating a quality snack that stands out from the rest would be pure gold, and that's what he achieved when he created these snack-sized meat masterpieces.

Enjoy the mild, rich, buttery flavor from these traditional style salami bites made from select cuts of pork with a hint of natural smoke flavor. Working in small batches, each artisan meat snack is made the only way we know how - using old world traditions and flavors, Try all three flavors!


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