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Lucoma Compound for White Bratwurst

Short description:

Seasoning salt for the in-house production of white Bratwurst. One packet (21g) is enough for about 1.43 lbs (650g) of sausage meat.

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Compound – a seasoning salt for the in-house production of white Bratwurst. One packet (21g) is enough for about 1.43 lbs (650g) of sausage meat. Peferct for the Thermomix but you can use almost any of blenders (no handheld electric mixer) for this purpose. A recipe suggestion will also be attached to your order.

✔ without flavor enhancers
✔ without artificial colors
✔ without allergenic substances
✔ without gluten
✔ without lactose
✔ without sugars
✔ without added flavors
✔ without iodized salt
✔ without thickeners
✔ without food fillers

This specially developed spice compound allows you to make sausages and cold cut meats with the help of your mixer/food processor (Thermomix). You will be amazed at how fast and easy the manufacturing process actually is. The principle is very simple: you need frozen meat, slightly thawed and ice water. The meat is finely minced and blended at the highest speed in the Thermomix food processor. Then simply add the compound for weisse Bratwurst. Ice water needs to be added also and within about 5 minutes your sausage meat is ready.

These type of sausage is usually filled into a piping bag and piped directly into a hot skillet or onto a hot griddle. You can also pipe the sausages into hot water and boil them according to the recipe we attach to your order. After that, the ready sausages just has to cool down and you can fry them at a later time – that's it! Ingeniously easy right? Try it out and you'll be just as enthusiastic as we are.

Store in a dry place.

21g / 0.74 oz NET. WT.


Deviations between the product information as well as their illustrations are possible. The product information on our website refers to the currently valid product on the market and the information provided is being updated regularly. However the ingredients or the recipe may be changed by the manufacturer at any time and without prior notice. During a transition period it is therefore possible, that customers receive both, the previously valid as well as the recently updated product in the same shipment. Always observe the product packaging for the most accurate description of the content which includes but is not limited to the formulation as well as the updated list of ingredients. This precautionary step can help prevent possible adverse reactions. Please note that GermanShop24 does not accept returns of grocery products (including baby food etc.) or health and personal care items.

Recipe for White Bratwurst DE/EN (Rezept_Weisse_Bratwurst.pdf, 205 Kb) [Download]

Salt, spices, stabilizer: diphosphates, seasoning, dextrose.

The compounds are without wheat, molluscs, soy, sesame seeds, mustard, celery, sulfur dioxide, tree nuts, milk, lupines, gluten, fish, peanut and egg.
Salz, Gewürze, Stabilisator: Diphosphate, Würze, Dextrose.

Die Compounds sind ohne Weizen, Weichtiere, Soja, Sesamsamen, Senf, Sellerie, Schwefeldioxid, Schalenfrüchte, Milch, Lupine, Gluten, Fisch, Erdnuss und Ei.


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