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Thank you for the last shipment. The Tee was delicious and the packaging was amazing. You guys are great. Dankeschoen!

Fantastic! Just got my first order earlier than expected ordering my second one soon! Thank you! Everything came wrapped to ensure it came perfectly! I shared the website with my family and friends!

Thank you so much to all of you and please stay safe.

Thank you for working and providing these delicious produces during this pandemic. Best regards, Sarah Guillou.

Thank you so much!!!

I grew up in Wiesbaden and am thrilled to have some of my childhood candies and favorites shipped to the US! We all talk about high school there being the best years of our life...and how we all miss the Fanta! :-)

Super fast delivery ...

A huge order for us. A small community from Denmark that appreciates your international shipping. We used to drive down to the border to buy our candy and beer. Now we order some online to America :)

Just wanted to say many thanks for being here, and making it possible that we can get these products in the US. I'm heartbroken over what's going on in the world right now. We hope that you and your families are well, and taking care during these scary times.

Wonderful – Wonderful! My package arrived today and what a joy! It was packed beautifully, still cool and so nicely organized! Made me smile because I can hear my German parents saying this is the quality you expect from Germans. Sweet silly memories. I will order again and I am so glad I found your shop. :-)
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