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Hello. My order arrived and everything looks good! Thank you for making these treats available! Will order more soon. Take care.

Vor wenigen Minuten traf die Lieferung hier in Summerfield ein, wow, absolute Rekordzeit!! Alles perfekt von A bis Z, wieder einmal herzlichen Dank dafür!
Liebe Grüsse,

Thank you so much, I received my order today and it only took a week to get here! If im not able to come to Germany right now, least Germany comes to me. Planning to do more future orders on this site!

Wow my chocolate came soo fast! I'm honestly shocked...due to the fact that LAST TIME I ordered this chocolate (from a different site) it took two months! So im very happy with the speed and also y'all packaged it well! You guys def will have a return customer (:

Ich bin so froh das ich euch gefunden habe, hab mein erstes Paket letzte Woche bekommen und war so ueberglücklich wie schnell das ging und nix war kaputt, danke danke danke ❤️

Ich freu mich sehr Germanshop gefunden zu haben, da in diesem Jahr kein Deutschlandbesuch moeglich ist. Liebe Gruesse aus San Diego :)

My first order through Germanshop24, very very pleased with this company! To order was simple, delivery time was quick (4 days), and packaging was superb. Bringing a bit of Germany back our way, we will definitely order again. Vielen Dank!!

I am super pleased. Everything was packaged well. Considering Covid this order came fast. I will order again.
Vielen Dank!

Gruesse aus Los Angeles! Ihr seid die einzige Möglichkeit wie ich chipsfrisch chips hier essen kann, habe die mal woanders bestellt und die kamen zerbröselt und ziemlich ekelig hier an! Danke für euren guten Service :)

Just received my order yesterday...I couldn't be more pleased...I will be placing another order very soon...brought back so many memories..
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