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I just received my first order from you. Loved the care in the packaging. And may I say, you are lower in price then a competitive site. Love your site. I am hooked.

Hi! Thank you very much for doing business with your company. Its always exciting to get a box from Germany. Thank you again!

Thank you very much. I have been waiting a while for you to receive stock and I really did not expect them to arrive in EXCELLENT condition (kinder pingui and milchschnitte). They tasted excellent and not one piece was damaged!!

Dear GermanShop24 Team. Just a big "Thank you" for this unbelievable fast shipping (came on the third day with regular Fedex shipping), and packing is also much better now with smaller boxes inside the shipping box seperating the bags so not 20 bags of Haribo squash the poor sugar strawberries on the bottom. Good job!!!

Dear Sir, I received my order yesterday and I wish to thank you for the excellent service and speed of delivery that Germanshop gave my order. Even in the United States it is hard to find such excellent service and speed my wife and I are amazed that I could order on Monday and it was sitting at my door on Thursday this by any standard is super service. You will have an happy and returning customer in this family.

William L.
Alexandria, Alabama USA

Hello. I want to take a moment to thank you for my order. I am very surprised at the speed in which it arrived, with all items in place - and this with free shipping!! Even the Magazine that I ordered was an Oktober issue. If I had a complaint, it is that the container of "Freche Füchse" that I ordered (item F160005531), while wrapped in bubble wrap, still managed to get crushed to the point that it split the plastic container. While easily enough solved with a ziplock bag to keep them moist, I thought you might wish to be aware. All other items were perfect, down to the little boxes of Yeast and the Orangeat and Zitronat.
All in all, a wonderful experience, and I will definitely become a more regular customer!!
Best wishes and vielen, vielen Dank!

Hi. Danke fuer die schnelle Lieferung. Das Paket war schon am 03.08. in Ireland. Super verpackt und unsere Katzen haben Spass mit der Folie. :-) VIELEN DANK.

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived in excellent condition today. We are already enjoying my Knoppers. It's nice being able to enjoy snacks that you grew up with. Thank you, Julie.

Ship my order. I have been looking for this for 20 years. Thank you.

Thank you for my order of 5 packs of Werthers caramelts, we can't buy these in the UK. Can I suggest you have a presence on line in the UK, i.e. Amazon.UK one eBay UK. There are people who look for this product in the UK. Regards John.
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