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After my first order I was surprised to get the cooling box within 3 days !!! in Florida. It was in a very good shape and professional packed. I’m impressed and very happy with my order. It was like Christmas and as a German thankful for all of this what I don’t get it here in Florida. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your gift in my last order and thanks for your excellent packing. Everything was in perfect shape, even the Mohrenköpfe. :-)

Thank you all for making every one here in Dallas happy.

Der Winter hier hört garnicht auf, drum freuen wir uns sehr darauf, wenn‘s Päckchen hier dann bald trifft ein und bringt ein wenig Sonnenschein. Viele Grüße an das ganze liebe Team! Gisela aus Minnesota.

Thank you guys y'all Rock!!!!!!! ;)

Vielen Dank! Schön dass es euch gibt.

My order was placed on 3/2/23 and arrived again in record time on 3/7/23. As always, items were packed/wrapped with utmost care. I noticed you raised the shipping rate by $4.00 but everything is going up. Thanks again, Peter R.

Hi, thank you for all the hard work to provide all the wonderful German goodies! I hope you have an awesome week!

I am so happy to find this website! Thank you!!

I love it! Within 5 days I got all the stuff from Germany I'm missing so much. Thank you so much ❣️
Vielen lieben Dank! Beim Auspacken fühlte ich mich wie an Weihnachten.

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