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I've been looking everywhere for a shop that sells German goods over seas. It's really difficult to find a lot of German snacks and household goods that I grew up with in the states without going directly through a shop like Amazon or a cultural shop like World Market that doesn't charge a ridiculous amount. I really appreciate your service. Vielen Dank!

Top notch service. I was using Ebay to get my items from Germany before finding this place. Your pricing, service and shipping are all superb. Thanks!

Werde den Germanshop24 auf jeden fall an meine deutsche Freunde in den USA weiter empfehlen. Super angekommen - sehr schnell 3 tage und super gepackt -- Danke fuer das Stueck Heimat in den USA -- A+++++

Ich bin begeistert. Die Auswahl ist unübertrefflich, die Sendungen werden immer sehr sorgsam verpackt und prompt verschickt. Es ist einfach wunderbar. Fräulein Swenja in der Telefonzentrale ist immer äußerst hilfreich und zuvorkommend. Ich bin sehr dankbar das es sie gibt.

Thank you so much for providing all the goodies from Germany. I miss the food so much!!

Outstanding service. The package arrived in perfect condition. Ihr seid die Besten! Vielen Dank und liebe Gruesse aus Indiana.

My order arrived today and I couldn't be happier. I was a little worried about how everything would arrive, especially from Germany. I must say that everything was packed so safely with lots of bubble wrap. I really appreciate that especially since some of the items are intended as Mother's Day gifts. Everything arrived safely, even the potato chips! I wanted to thank for such special care in sending my items. I am definitely ordering more from you in the future!! Vielen dank!

Good morning! I just wanted to inform you that I received my package and I am absolutely satisfied and happy with everything that I received thank you so much I have been in the United States for 33 years and I finally can enjoy my German candies and coffee in the things that I have missed for so long you have a new customer thank you so much and God bless you.

Hallo Ich möchte mich herzlich für ihren guten Kundendienst bedanken. Die Bestellung kam genau an und wie immer alles in Takt. Vielen Dank für ihre Leute die all das auf den Weg leiten. Thank you again for your excellent customer service keep up the good work! Will keep ordering in the future.

Thank you very much I received my order today and could not be more happier. Great and fast service. I will definitely order again and recommend you. Have a nice day!
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