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We just received our first GermanShop24 order and it was wonderful! The selection was vast, ordering was easy, the prices seem reasonable, and everything arrived exactly when promised; what more could anyone ask for! Another plus, unlike several sites that offer imported foods which arrive at or after the stated expiration date, the items we ordered from GermanShop24 were quite "fresh". Gut gemacht!

It's August 30 and I just received my order. It was scheduled for September 5. I'm so excited. Everything was neatly packaged. I will definitely order again.

Love being able to get some German products to satisfy my childhood comfort cravings! Thank you!

Your German Firm always make my Day, when I receive my German Schnick Schnacks my food Items!!! Keep it coming!!! A piece from Home!!!! And the Service is always fast !!! Thank You.

Hi Germanshop 24,
I would say thank you. Today arrived my order, in a absolute outstanding condition. You guys do a great job. Thank you so much. I will have a new order soon.
Have a great day.

Thank you guys, I’m a big fan of kinder chocolates and look forward to getting them!

Vielen Dank an euch alle. Als Deutscher der in denn Staaten lebt ist eure Website ein Stück von der heimat!

Ich habe heute Alles unbeschade und zuegig in San Diego erhalten. Bin begeistert, so brauche ich nicht mehr meine Schwestern um einen ewigen Gefallen fragen. Vielen Dank fuer den guten service. Sabine

We are happy to find your store and things that we need on a daily base. My wife is from Wiesbaden Germany and a very good cook when she has German spices and seasoning. Thanks.

Wir wünschen Ihnen einen angenehmen Sommer und danke für Ihren exzellenten Service!
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