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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 15. Jubiläum! Machen Sie weiter so! Ich freue mich auf weitere ganz, ganz viele Bestellungen von Ihnen. An das ganze Team, wie immer, sie sind alle toll! Vielen herzlichen Dank!

Amazing service came 2 days earlier as proposed. Evrything was in a orderly matter. I definetly will order again

ordered monday sept 5, and I had the order on friday sept 9. Great service. Thank you so much. Everything is in perfect condition.

You guys are awesome! Thank you for making it easier for us to get the products we love!

Very fast shipment on high quality products impossible to get elsewhere in Canada. Great store!

Hello! My name is Hanna. I really love your store and thank you for your work. It's my second order and for sure not the last one!!!!

Absolutely awesome experience! If you’re going to order and it’s coming to the USA, make sure to order on Saturday or Sunday. That way it goes out on Monday and get the extra cooling package if you have things that melt. Reason why you want it to go out on Monday is that fedex doesn’t deliver on the weekend and you need 3 days for travel. If it arrives in your city late Friday, it will sit there until Monday. Trust me you don’t want that.
Second time I’ve ordered and everything came in perfect condition. Shipped on Monday here on Wednesday. That’s about 60 hours from Germany to Florida. For comparison that’s as long as it takes a letter to come from Ft.Lauderdale, Fl to Melbourne, Fl.
Everything just as I remember it. Very good quality. Much better then what I have received from shops, here in the USA that sell German products. Not to mention less expensive.
Hope you add many more products to the store. Can’t wait to order again.

Many thanks to you all for these wonderful items and for packaging them so nicely for shipping. You always do such a wonderful job!

Besten Dank fuer die prima verpackten Sachen, nichts war verdruecked oder gebrochen. Immer schnell und gut, danke.

Thank you so much for providing products that I haven't seen since my childhood. You are amazing!!!
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