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Thank you for helping me make someone smile by making them a delicious meal. You are appreciated.

Thank you so much for being there and providing all this for folks overseas. My husband Bernhard and I appreciate it so much. Blessings!

We ordered on March 25 in Germany and the package was in Texas on March 28! We ordered several times and service was always fast and breakable items were very well protected and packed! Dependable, fast reasonable priced German goods what can you ask for more?

I picked up my package today as it was being held by the post office. Everything is AMAZING! I will be a repeat customer for sure. ❤ A lovely taste of Germany.

I am so thankful for your amazing service! It makes Easter special every year for my kids. This is the best access we have for German sweets and it makes our year!

Like always you all are THE BEST OF THE BEST. Thank you so much. Happy grandkids here in Indiana

In all these years I have ordered from your company, I have not once been disappointed. This last order, which I placed Thursday night, arrived here on Monday! Literally, over the weekend. Everything was packaged with greatest care to protect the breakable items. You rock!!! I can hardly get orders here in the US as fast and, at the same time, as well-packaged. Thank you for all you do, and for keeping stock of my favorites.

Thank you so much for always taking such good care of me. You truly are the best online company I have ever shopped with.
Very Sincerely,
Hidee L*

I am so pleased thus far, with everything I have ordered from your store. It arrives in such good condition and the quality is outstanding. I do appreciate your prompt and precise shipping method. Well done, "GermanShop".

Tausend Dank für Ihre Effizienz und besonders wie liebevoll meine Bestellung so schön einzeln in "bubble wrap" verpackt war. Hab mich so gefreut. Ich habe schon einige Male bei Ihnen bestellt und jedes Mal kam alles nicht nur heil in Texas an aber auch immer fresh. Ihre Produkte und Auswahl sind "1A" und Sie wissen auch genau was wir Deutsche aus unserer alten Heimat vermissen. Preise sind angemessen und Versand und Versandkosten sind super. Ich habe Sie schon oft weiterempfohlen. Ein großes Dankeschön, Texas sized, an Euch!
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