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Heat Sensitivity


We would like to help you select the best possible shipping option for your order when summer temperatures are on the rise. Generally we do not want to force cooled shipping or express mailing services on you as not all regions require the same precautionary measures. We always leave it up to our customers to pick the best solution for their personal needs.

All of our merchandise is clearly labelled with our heat sensitivity symbol which will help you make the right decision for your order. Heat sensitive items are products that may be modified or damaged by high temperatures. In general we highly encourage all customers to not order chocolates or gummy candies if the outside temperatures are in excess of 80°F to prevent damages to the highly sensitive merchandise, even if cooled shipping supplies and express shipping are chosen. There is always a possibility that international packages are delayed through customs which adds unnecessary transit time and heat exposure to the packages.

Our tips:

  1. Add the COOLED SHIPPING OPTION to your cart (at your discretion).
  2. At checkout, select the PRIORITY SHIPPING METHOD to ensure your order spends no more than 2 days in transit (at your discretion).
  3. Be at home for delivery! or choose a delivery address where someone will be available to accept the package so it does not sit outside in the heat.
  4. FedEx shipments can be placed on hold for pick up at the local station. Call 1800-463-3339 and request a hold in reference to the tracking number we have provided. This will prevent packages from being chauffeured around town on a hot delivery truck all day.
  5. If the box feels warm, open immediately to expose your heat sensitive items to the cooler indoor air. If chocolate has softened, give it a chance to firm up before removing it from the package. You may also place the entire box in the refrigerator before attempting to handle further.

Of course there is always the option of „risking it“. You may always select the regular Economy or Flatrate option without additional cooling supplies and at your own risk. Especially if you do not care that your chocolate arrives melted or softened as it is likely to end up in your stomach anyway. Believe us, we get it! Please note that GermanShop24 is not responsible or liable for melting or other heat related damage during transit if the package has been delayed through customs, if not all possible precautionary mesures have been taken by the customer or if no one is available to accept the package at your residence on the delivery day. We do not offer any refunds for heat damaged items.
Below you will see our heat sensitivity symbols. These symbol are in the item description of each and every item in our online shop. You may use this as a guideline to chose the appropriate shipping option for your order.


Products with this symbol are generally not bothered by higher temperatures during the summer month. You can order these items without concern and without extra precautions.


Products with this symbol are moderately sensitive to higher temperatures (not to exceed 80°F). Please consider the cooled shipping option or priority shipping in the summer month to minimize exposure during transit.


Products with this symbol are extremely heat sensitive and can be damaged if temperatures exceed 75°F. Please use the cooled shipping option in combination with priority shipping during the summer month to minimize exposure during transit.