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Pickerd Dekor - Poppy-Fix

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Pickerd Dekor - Poppy-Fix
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When founding his company in 1950, Heinrich Pickerd had one goal: To offer his customers labor-saving and time-saving products of the highest possible quality. With the products of the "Pickerd Fix" assortment, you can quickly and easily create deliciously filled cakes and pastries.
The ready to use bake fix product makes baking easy. Making elaborate cake fillings from scratch is a thing of the past.
Poppy Fix is made of deliciously fragrant poppy seeds and gives your pastries a delicious flavor. Ideal for Strudel fillings, danishes, cookies or croissants. Simply cut open the pouch and use ready to use mixture according to your recipe. To preserve flavor and freshness store the opened pouch in the refrigerator.

250g / 8.81 oz NET.WT.


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Blue poppy (34%), sugar, water, modified starch, thickening agent (pectin), iodized salt, flavor (contains lactose), citric acid.

Contains: wheat, egg, soy, nuts, almonds.
Blaumohn (34%), Zucker, Wasser, modifizierte Stärke, Verdickungsmittel (Pektin), Jodsalz, Aroma (enthält Laktose), Säuerungsmittel (Citronensäure).

Spuren: Weizen, Ei, Soja, Nüssen, Mandeln.


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