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Original Grafschafter Sugar Beet Syrup, 17.6 oz

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Original Grafschafter Sugar Beet Syrup, 17.6 oz
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The classic among the spreads.

The Grafschafter sugar beet syrup is pure natural, concentrated juice of freshly harvested sugar beets without their vegetable fibers and without any subsequent addition.

It arises from the concentration of beet juice, which is pressed out of the cooked beet. Grafschafter gold juice is produced without the use of chemicals and contains no preservatives.

The sugar beet syrup is neither an advantage nor a by-product of the white household sugar. It is used mainly as a spread and furthermore offers a variety potential applications for cooking and baking. The sugar beet syrup has, apart from its sweetness, not to be underestimated advantages, as it contains an high content of minerals such as magnesium and iron. It is naturally gluten and lactose-free.

Usage of sugar beet syrup:

  • as malty and sweet spread
  • to sweeten and refine sauces of all kinds
  • for baking cakes and cookies
  • on hash browns
  • for baking brown bread, as an addition to the dough, to improve the taste, to form a good crust of bread as well as for the preservation
  • in the pharmaceutical industry as an addition to cough syrups, cough candies etc.

17.6 oz / 500g in a dispenser

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