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Original Grafschafter Caramel, 17.6 oz

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Original Grafschafter Caramel, 17.6 oz
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The gold-clear aromatic sweetness.

This unique syrup is a special mixture of fructose, dextrose and saccharose. Natural flavors give this versatile applicable syrup its mild-sweet caramel flavor. Try Grafschafter caramel syrup for some cocktails and as a sweetener of tea.

Grafschafter caramel is naturally gluten and lactose-free and contains no preservatives.


  • as a spread
  • as a topping and aromatic sweetness for yogurt, cottage cheese, crepes, waffles and fruit salads
  • for the sweet and sour Asian Cuisine
  • for refine of pastries, breads and dressings
  • as aromatic sweetness for teas, coffee specialties and cocktails

17.6 oz / 500g in a dispenser

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Invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, natural flavor.

Invertzuckersirup, Glukosesirup, natürliches Aroma.