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Vitalis Crunchy Plus Honey-Almond

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Vitalis Crunchy Plus Honey-Almond
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In Vitalis Crunchy Plus Honey-Almond golden brown roasted crispy crunchies combined with crisp almonds and exquisite honey to a particularly taste experience.

Your plus on enjoyment in Vitalis Crunchy Plus:

  • Especially delicious: with fine almond slices and crisp almond pieces refined with exquisite honey.
  • Golden brown crispy crunchies with 50% wholemeal cereal - thanks to the special roasting process particularly crunchy-delicious.

15.9 oz / 450g package

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49% wholegrain OATS, sugar, sunflower oil, 7.5% ALMONDS, glucose syrup, dried WHEAT GERMS, WHEAT FLOUR, rice flour, 1.4% honey, WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, dextrose, salt, flavoring, dried BARLEY MALT EXTRACT, SKIMMED MILK POWDER.

May contain traces of other nuts and soy.
49% Vollkorn-HAFERFLOCKEN, Zucker, Sonnenblumenöl, 7.5% MANDELN, Glukosesirup, getrocknete WEIZENKEIME, WEIZENMEHL, Reismehl, 1.4% Honig, WEIZENVOLLKORNMEHL, Dextrose, Salz, Aroma, getrockneter GERSTENMALZEXTRAKT, MAGERMILCHPULVER.

Kann Spuren von weiteren Schalenfrüchten und Soja enthalten.