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Harry Farmers Goldkruestchen, 6 Pcs, 1.06 lbs

Short description:

The Farmers Goldkruestchen by Harry are wheat buns for final baking at home.

Price in points: 140 points
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The Farmers Goldkruestchen by Harry are wheat buns of extraordinary quality. The secret is to find in the Baking because the buns are baked according to the skilled craftsmanship of the long dough process. This makes the Goldkruestchen aromatic and especially moist. For final baking at home.

Baking Instructions:

Before baking, lightly dampen buns with water. Bake in preheated oven at 392°F (top/bottom heat) or 356°F (convection).

  • Low browning: 10 minutes*
  • Medium browning: 12 minutes*
  • Strong browning: 15 minutes*

*The correct baking time may vary depending on oven type and desired browning. So please check the baking process.

Without preheating the baking time may increase by 5 minutes. Frozen buns bake about 3 minutes longer. Allow to cool before serving the freshly baked buns (risk of burns).

This buns have a maximum shelf life of three weeks. Therefore, we kindly ask you to store cool or freeze the buns after receiving your package. After opening consume within 2-3 days. Thank you.

6 Pcs/1.06 lbs NET. WT.

Since we do not offer cooled shipping, we recommend to use the faster shipping method at checkout. We will conscientiously pack this product, but can not guarantee that it will arrive without major damage. Please order this product at your discretion. We do not give refunds for damaged products or foods in general!

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WHEAT FLOUR, water, DURUM WHEAT SEMOLINA, yeast, salt, invert sugar syrup, malt extract (BARLEY MALT, water), WHEAT MALT FLOUR, WHEAT PROTEIN, thickening agent (guar gum), dextrose, acidity regulator (sodium acetates), emulsifier (diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids*), flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid). *Vegetable origin.

May contain traces of sesame seeds.
WEIZENMEHL, Wasser, HARTWEIZENGRIEß, Hefe, Salz, Invertzuckersirup, Malzextrakt (GERSTENMALZ, Wasser), WEIZENMALZMEHL, WEIZENEIWEIß, Verdickungsmittel (Guarkernmehl), Traubenzucker, Säureregulator (Natriumacetate), Emulgator (Mono- und Diacetylweinsäureester von Mono- und Diglyceriden von Speisefettsäuren*), Mehlbehandlungsmittel (Ascorbinsäure). *Pflanzlichen Ursprungs.

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