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Diamant Spelt Flour Type 1050

Short description:
Diamant spelt flour type 1050 is ideally suited for wholesome breads and buns.
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The Diamant spelt flour type 630 is made of valuable spelt. The spelt grain is surrounded by the so-called husk that protects it from harmful environmental effects of all kinds. It is being removed before the gentle milling. The spelt flour type 1050 receives its typical color by the higher content of the outer layers and mineral nutrients of the spelt grain. This flour is particularly well suited for wholesome, dark breads such as Graubrot (German-style rye breads) and it is an ecxellent substitute for wheat flour in the classic recipes. The Diamant spelt flour type 1050 also makes a good figure for hearty dishes such as dumplings, pizza or similar.

Store cool and dry.

2.20 lbs NET. WT.

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