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The art of making gingerbreads and honey-dough has a century-long tradition in Germany. The east-German region of Pulsnitz has mentionings of Gingerbread bakeries as early as over 150 years ago, and this craft has been passed on from generation to generation. Frenzel, founded in 1884, is one of those companies that holds up the baking tradition in Pulsnitz and it is still operated by the founding family.

One of the popular items besides gingerbreads is the Soßenkuchen, a „gravy gingerbread“ that is particularly known in the Bohemian as well as the South and Southeast German cuisine and is often used for thickening and seasoning dark sauces and gravies. Traditionally it is used for game and Sauerbraten gravy. The gingerbread cake is typically grated and soaked in milk or wine to enhance the dishes flavor as well as to provide depth and texture.

This German specialty can also be used as a basis for various desserts and confections as the application can change depending on the recipe. There is always room for experiments.