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Continental Bakeries

Everything started in 1593, when Jacob Bussink opened his first bakery in the Dutch city of Deventer, specializing in Deventer honey cake. Various mergers and takeovers have taken place over the centuries, that finally resulted in today's Continental Bakeries.

Today, Continental Bakeries is a leading European bakery group which has specialized in the production of pastries, biscuits, foam sugar products, crispbreads, rice cakes and other bread-related products. They focus on private label products and have a number of great own brands such as Grabower, Gille, Continental Bakeries, Haust, Bussink and Brinky. All of their production facilities are certified in accordance with IFS and BRC standards. Continental Bakeries' mission: “Creating affordable daily moments of goodness and delight, in close cooperation with all stakeholders.“