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Teekanne Glühfix, Spice for Mulled Wine, 5-pack

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Teekanne Glühfix, Spice for Mulled Wine, 5-pack
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The spice for mulled wine in a practical infusion bag. 1 infusion bag is sufficient for 1 bottle of wine (at your choice).


  1. Pour over the infusion bag with 25.4 fl.oz of hot, sugared red or white wine or heat the wine and add the Glühfix bag into the wine.
  2. Let it brew according to taste.
  3. Gluehfix is an excellent seasoning for stewed fruits, red cabbage with apple and hot apple cider.

Gluehfix is also very well suited for the refinement of Feuerzangenbowle and various punch drinks.

This package contains 5 individual wrapped bags each with 0.07 oz.

0.35 oz / 10g package

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Orange peels, cinnamon, cloves.

Orangenschalen, Zimt, Nelken.


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