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Messmer Bayram Tea

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Messmer Bayram Tea
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The Turkey is a vibrant country, that can look back on a long tradition. Many holidays (turkish: Bayram) characterize this culture. On these holidays, it is customary that people gather in sociable round and drink tea together.

In the Bayram tea Messmer has apples with the flavor of figs and dates combined to a distinctive Turkish apple tea - a fruity sweet taste experience.

Preparation: Take for a cup 1 tea bag or at least 4 tea bags for a pot. Always pour with boiling water and let infuse for at least 5-8 minutes! The only way to get a safe product!

package contains 20 bags á 0.09 oz / 2.5g

1.76 oz / 50g package

This Turkish apple-fig tea is simply delicious.
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Apples (27%), rose hips, flavoring (apple, fig), blackberry leaves, hibiscus, orange peel, licorice roots, citric acid, anise, sweet blackberry leaves, date juice granules (maltodextrin, date juice from concentrate), fig juice granules (maltodextrin, fig juice from concentrate).

Äpfel (27%), Hagebutten, Aroma (Apfel, Feige), Brombeerblätter, Hibiskus, Orangenschalen, Süßholzwurzeln, Säuerungsmittel: Citronensäure, Anis, süße Brombeerblätter, Dattelsaftgranulat (Maltodextrin, Dattelsaftkonzentrat), Feigensaftgranulat (Maltodextrin, Feigensaftkonzentrat).

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